• Cliff Goldsmith

    Cliff Goldsmith has hosted 42 episodes.

    Clifford Goldsmith aka de4th_note started this podcast in early 2015 after he found a late blooming love for all things From Software. His gaming obsession started early on with games like Super Metroid and Zelda: A Link To The Past. You can find him talking absolute rubbish almost everyday on Twitter and you can also find his gameplay walkthroughs on YouTube. Send him an email with your favorite horror movie:

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  • Vader Van Odin

    Vader Van Odin has hosted 68 episodes.

    Charles Turner aka VaderVanOdin lives in New Zealand, and you can tell from his accent on Twitter. He also has a YouTube channel absolutely full of awesome videos he does with his son, Odin. Ask him questions about Hobbits:

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  • Jeremy Greer

    Jeremy Greer has hosted 51 episodes.

    Jeremy hosts several podcasts besides Dark Insight. If you're a fan of Dark Souls, you'll probably love Don't Give Up, Skeleton, in which he interviews a different guest every week about their history with the Souls games. You can find episodes with all of the Dark Insight hosts, most of our guests, and even hosts of other podcasts like Bonfireside Chat and Twin Humanities.

    Don't like Dark Souls? He also co-hosts Days of Future Cast with Gary Butterfield. DOFC is a podcast that is covering X-Men: The Animated Series from the late 90s, with various X-Men related media in between seasons. If you like Jeremy or Gary (and you probably like Gary), then definitely check out the show.

    Don't like Dark Souls OR X-Men? DANG Y'ALL! Good thing he has one more show: Monster of the Week, a podcast covering every single hunk episode of the TV show Supernatural. Jeremy and his co-host, Chris Mosher from Chomp Chain Podcast, go through episode by episode and discuss hunks, monsters, hunks, crazy ass lore, and also, of course, hunks.

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  • Josh Crowe

    Josh Crowe has hosted 23 episodes.

    Josh aka Morbid Beard is a strange man, often seen musing over Solid Snake's jawline. He is a self confessed super fan of Metal Gear Solid and Max Payne, and an apologist for Metallica's St. Anger album. He has a habit of liking things other people don't. In his spare time he daydreams about being a Sin City character, and owns a leather coat to appear more cool than he actually is. He's too short to pull it off. While others laugh at Nicholas Cage memes, he'll be spending his time watching Keanu Reeves movies and dreaming up an entire career path for Wyld Stallyns. If you wish to be excellent to him, he can be contacted via


  • Bryan Wade

    Bryan Wade has hosted 15 episodes.

    Bwade is the newest, and therefore best, host of Dark Insight. He owns many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahog- No wait that isn't right. That's the dude from Anchorman. Actually he's a big ol' dork who likes the Souls series, roguelikes, and Nintendo games.

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