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We're a video game podcast with hosts from all over the world. Started by Londoner Cliff Goldsmith in 2015, he quickly recruited VaderVanOdin from New Zealand to be his co-host, with Jeremy Greer (US) and Josh Crowe (UK) after that(also I'm here now! -Bwade). Each week we bring you a different line up of people, views, topics, and feedback from our listeners.

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Episode 65: The Return of Jala

Podcast Episode  |  June 18th, 2017  |  1 hr 34 mins
binding of isaac, dead cell, dead cells, gauntlet, hitman, mages of mystralia, monument valley 2, nier automata, sky dancers, wipeout omega collection, wolfenstein

Oh my lord this is the third Dark Insight this week! On this episode special guest Jala Prendes (from The Level!) joins Bryan and Jeremy to talk about some dang video games. No E3 chat, though, since we already did that. Instead we talk about the future of Hitman, Bryan's obsession with roguelikes, and Jeremy's progression through Nier Automata. Plus, TONS OF OTHER GAMES. It's like gaming Christmas over here. Check the links below for everything we chat about!