Episode 42

Your Majesty Beard


January 22nd, 2017

1 hr 53 mins 41 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Join us for Dark Insight 42, hosted by Josh Crowe aka Moribdbeard aka Your Majesty Beard. Jeremy joins Josh and pulled in special guest Stephen Veilleux for a long conversation about our favorite topic: VIDEO GAMES. Josh and Stephen talk about a bunch of FPS games they've been playing (like Doom, Call of Duty, Dishonored, Titanfall 2, etc), and Jeremy just talks about the only thing he's been playing for the last week: Stardew Valley.

If you've been watching our twitter account, you already know this, but here's a heads up: we've moved! Episodes will no longer be available via SoundCloud, but don't worry, you can still stream and download them all from our website: https://www.darkinsight.net. If you're having issues with your RSS feed or anything, just send us a message on your preferred social media platform and we'll take care of it!

Josh: https://twitter.com/MorbidBeard
Jeremy: https://twitter.com/jggreer
Stephen: https://twitter.com/fromsoftjunkie

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