Episode 45

All you need to Nioh about Ni-Oh


February 12th, 2017

2 hrs 5 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Dark Insight is here to talk about the latest "Soulslike" taking the gaming world by storm: Nioh! Josh, Vader, Jeremy, and returning guest Katherine sit down and talk about games, and not just Ni-oh either. We also chat Watch_Dogs 2, Shadow Tactics, Hitman, Day of the Tentacle, Resident Evil 7, Fire Emblem Heroes, Stardew Valley (take a drink!), For Honor, and oh yeah, lots and lots about Nioh. Don't worry spoiler-phobes, we make sure not to really get into the plot too much, and the Ni-oh segment is after a music break you can't miss.

Katherine's links:
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/humanityupgrade
Twitter: https://twitter.com/humanityupgrade

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Jeremy: https://twitter.com/jggreer
Josh: https://twitter.com/morbidbeard
Vader: https://twitter.com/vadervanodin

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