Episode 60

Snuff Lad


May 28th, 2017

2 hrs 36 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Standing at the shore, you look around, devastated. There's no gaming news on this island. No IGN, no polygon...god, there isn't even any Kotaku. Just you and your frankly depressing lack of insight into games. If you had known this was going to happen, you would have held onto that WSJ article about Nintendo's earnings while the ship was crashing into this godforsaken place....but wait. What's that? Over there, under the conch shell? Is that...my god, it's a podcast. Even better: it's a gaming podcast. It's episode mother%&*ing 60 of the Dark Insight podcast! Dang! Even better, it has three main hosts: Josh, the beardiest guy in gaming. Vader, the nicest guy in gaming. Bryan. Wait? Who's Bryan? Forget that, though, your favorite guest, Stephen, is back! You quickly remove the post it note from the back of the podcast to read the notes: holy *&$% this is going to be good. Your boix talk about all sorts of stuff this episode: Far Cry 5, Dragon's Dogma, Castlevania, The Surge...your eyes glaze over as you read through the topics, but focus again on the last bit: LISTENER FEEDBACK. "Stupid crashed ship," you think, "I could have responded to this if I wasn't on this stupid island." You sit down, nestle the podcast behind your ears so you can hear it clearly, and wait for the inevitable rescue boat to appear.

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