Episode 68

Done in 90 Seconds


July 9th, 2017

2 hrs 19 mins 40 secs

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We're back with another Dark Insight, so pull up a chair in front of this lovely fire, grab yourself a biscuit, maybe give the lovely dog a pat on the head to reassure it that it's in good company...and relax!

This week, Josh and Vader are joined by the fantastic Matt from Monster Dear Monster! Together, the 3 of them discuss the weather, and how an 800 watt microwave is enough to shrivel the U.K. to a blubbering mess, then it's onto the news! A smattering of topics are talked about, including but not limited to the new Castlevania Netflix series, some juicy deets on Nintendo's online service proposal, and how a honeymoon ruined somebody's gamer score. I know, imagine that, digital achievements being upset by a truly wonderful event! You just couldn't write it!

Then it's onto the game chat, where they talk about MGSV (surprising no-one, this was Josh's doing, he couldn't help himself) as well as TrackMania Turbo, Diablo 3, Killer Instinct, Injustice 2, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, Eternal, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Oceanhorn, Nier Automata, Ancient Amuletor VR..then they finally round off with a little game called Shadow of the Colossus! It's a fun packed show!

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Links of note:

Castlevania Netflix series hits and gets second season confirmed right away:

Export your Shadow of Mordor nemesis over to Shadow of War:

Doomfist arrives on Overwatch:

Horizon Zero Dawn - New Game+ and Ultra Hard Mode Update:

Man with Highest Gamerscore Loses title after going on honeymoon:

Nintendo online:

Quintin Smith podcast The Contender:

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