Marc Straight

Special guest

Marc Straight is a composer, sound designer, and creative director for video games, film, and haunted attractions around the world. Featuring a blend of emotional invoking simplicity, epic orchestra, and dark experimental sound design he has always pursued a passion for developing his own sound for visual medium.

Focused of creating unique audio experiences, Marc has become a driving force in the horror industry with fifteen years of experience in haunted attractions. With original content in some of the most respected attractions in the world he continually strives to push fear to the outermost limits.

Marc also has worked on several films and games for both sound design and original soundtrack. Ranging from nightmare spirits with orchestra to zombie girls and electronic dance music he brings a memorable experience with him in each score.

To date Marc has been featured in over one hundred attractions worldwide and has quickly made a name for himself in the world of sound. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Marc strives to represent his hometown of beauty and constant evolution in all that he does.

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