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We're a video game podcast with hosts from all over the world. Started by Londoner Cliff Goldsmith in 2015, he quickly recruited VaderVanOdin from New Zealand to be his co-host, with Jeremy Greer (US) we then brought on josh Crow. Jg and Crowe have now left the team but we have bwade, Kassandra and Matt now as part of the full time line up. Each week we bring you a different line up of people, views, topics, and feedback from our listeners.

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Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Episode 69: Jala's Nice

    Episode  |  July 16th, 2017  |  1 hr 56 mins
    batman, eternal, get out, horizon, jalaid, nier, overwatch, plunkbat, revatar, shift work, star fox, wonder woman, zelda breath of the wild

    The boss is back! Our man Cliff is here to host this episode, and is joined by Jeremy and Bryan. They sit down to talk about basically everything. We start off with some good ol' Kenny Chesney, then get into a lengthy conversation about our favorite beverages. Following that, we talk about some stuff we've been watching like that new Wonder Woman and that new Castlevania animated series. Cliff also spends some talking about his crazy journey to own a Switch! Eventually, we even talk about a game or two.

  • Episode 68: Done in 90 Seconds

    Episode  |  July 9th, 2017  |  2 hrs 19 mins
    horizon zero dawn, injustice 2, mgsv, nier automata, overwatch, shadow of the colossus, zelda breath of the wild

    We're back with another Dark Insight, so pull up a chair in front of this lovely fire, grab yourself a biscuit, maybe give the lovely dog a pat on the head to reassure it that it's in good company...and relax!

    This week, Josh and Vader are joined by the fantastic Matt from Monster Dear Monster! Together, the 3 of them discuss the weather, and how an 800 watt microwave is enough to shrivel the U.K. to a blubbering mess, then it's onto the news! A smattering of topics are talked about, including but not limited to the new Castlevania Netflix series, some juicy deets on Nintendo's online service proposal, and how a honeymoon ruined somebody's gamer score. I know, imagine that, digital achievements being upset by a truly wonderful event! You just couldn't write it!

  • Episode 67: Disconnect

    Episode  |  June 30th, 2017  |  2 hrs 5 mins
    black wake, diablo 3, eternal, psvr, snes mini, zelda breath of the wild

    Hello everyone! This week Bryan, Jeremy, and Vader try to sit down and have a nice old fashioned talk about video games, but the internet was not cooperative. You'll hear in the show that things get downright weird, with multiple realities overlapping and people disappearing for long periods of time. So bear with us, we did the best we could on this one, but when it comes to interdimensional podcast travel, there's only so much you can do. We did manage to talk about some video games, though, including: Jeremy's new PSVR, Odin finishing Zelda Breath of the Wild before any of us, and Bryan manages to find a roguelike card game.

  • Episode 66: Oh Dear, Monster

    Episode  |  June 25th, 2017  |  2 hrs 25 mins
    atari, call of duty, friday the 13th, hitman, monilith, monster, splinter cell, the surge, torment: tides of numenera

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superma...no wait, that's not quite right. It is, however, a new episode of Dark Insight! This week, hosts Josh and Bryan are joined by friend of the show and debut guest, Dave Cox, who hosts the Monster Dear Monster and Crouching Tiger Hidden Podcast shows, both of which are very much worth listening to!

  • Episode 65: The Return of Jala

    Episode  |  June 18th, 2017  |  1 hr 34 mins
    binding of isaac, dead cell, dead cells, gauntlet, hitman, mages of mystralia, monument valley 2, nier automata, sky dancers, wipeout omega collection, wolfenstein

    Oh my lord this is the third Dark Insight this week! On this episode special guest Jala Prendes (from The Level!) joins Bryan and Jeremy to talk about some dang video games. No E3 chat, though, since we already did that. Instead we talk about the future of Hitman, Bryan's obsession with roguelikes, and Jeremy's progression through Nier Automata. Plus, TONS OF OTHER GAMES. It's like gaming Christmas over here. Check the links below for everything we chat about!

  • Episode 64: #EndSkyrim2017 (E3 Feedback)

    Episode  |  June 18th, 2017  |  47 mins 21 secs

    We're still talking about E3 y'all. This episode is a bunch of listener comments and questions, so many we couldn't fit them into the main episode. So enjoy this, make sure to check out the links below to follow everyone on Twitter, and have an amazing week. We love you, listener!

  • Episode 63: 4K in the Streets, 360P in the Sheets

    Episode  |  June 18th, 2017  |  1 hr 29 mins

    E3 2017 is over! Finally! After months of nothing but press conferences and trailers, we can finally relax and look at some stuff that isn't games. Just kidding, this episode is dedicated to E3. Jeremy, Bryan, and Vader sit down to talk about their favorite games of the show, the ridiculousness of Mario, and their least favorite things about the show. Check the links below for an idea of what you're getting yourself into, or to watch a trailer for whatever game we're talking about.

  • Episode 62: Roguelike Wade

    Episode  |  June 11th, 2017  |  1 hr 56 mins
    emily is away too, horizon zero dawn, lightseekers, mario kart 8, monolith, zelda breath of the wild

    Listeners, its your friendly neighborhood Jeremy Greer here. I have no idea what is happening with this episode. While the audio quality is great and everyone seems to have a good rapport with one another, there's a strange man running the show! I'm pretty sure it's a wizard. Anyway, it's super early and I don't really feel like putting the normal amount of effort into the shownotes because I'm super hungover. THANKS, RICHARD

  • Episode 61: Bad Mitsuru

    Episode  |  June 4th, 2017  |  1 hr 30 mins
    arms, binding of isaac, caveblazers, dark souls 2, fire emblem echoes, nintendo online service, overwatch





  • Episode 60: Snuff Lad

    Episode  |  May 28th, 2017  |  2 hrs 36 mins
    castlevania, dragon's dogma, far cry 5, magikarp, prey, red dead redemption 2, the surge

    Standing at the shore, you look around, devastated. There's no gaming news on this island. No IGN, no polygon...god, there isn't even any Kotaku. Just you and your frankly depressing lack of insight into games. If you had known this was going to happen, you would have held onto that WSJ article about Nintendo's earnings while the ship was crashing into this godforsaken place....but wait. What's that? Over there, under the conch shell? Is that...my god, it's a podcast. Even better: it's a gaming podcast. It's episode mother%&*ing 60 of the Dark Insight podcast! Dang! Even better, it has three main hosts: Josh, the beardiest guy in gaming. Vader, the nicest guy in gaming. Bryan. Wait? Who's Bryan? Forget that, though, your favorite guest, Stephen, is back! You quickly remove the post it note from the back of the podcast to read the notes: holy *&$% this is going to be good. Your boix talk about all sorts of stuff this episode: Far Cry 5, Dragon's Dogma, Castlevania, The Surge...your eyes glaze over as you read through the topics, but focus again on the last bit: LISTENER FEEDBACK. "Stupid crashed ship," you think, "I could have responded to this if I wasn't on this stupid island." You sit down, nestle the podcast behind your ears so you can hear it clearly, and wait for the inevitable rescue boat to appear.

  • The Lore Hunter Reviews: Dark Souls - The Board Game

    Article  |  May 25th, 2017

    As a board game and Dark Souls enthusiast, I landed squarely in the crosshairs of Dark Souls™ - The Board Game when it was launched on Kickstarter in April 2016. The game was designed by Alex Hall, Mat Hart, and Richard Loxam and published by Steamforged Games. The game was put forth as "a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players set in the Dark Souls™ universe". The Kickstarter campaign was massively successful, earning more than $5.4m from over 31k backers (and even more than that in late pledges and alternative payment methods that Kickstarter doesn't track). Now that SFG had the funds and backing, they needed to answer the big question: How do you create the Dark Souls experience in a board game? I received their answer in early May 2017 in the form of a gigantic 8lb box.

  • Episode 59: MOBA Is A Dumb Name For Nerds

    Episode  |  May 21st, 2017  |  1 hr 47 mins
    dark souls 1, dead cells, destiny 2, infamous 2, life is strange 2, phantom dust, shadows of the damned, the surge, venom movie, witcher tv show

    Who's that doing the intro? Why, it's Bryan Wade. That's right, frequent guest and all around cool guy Bwade has become a full time member of Dark Insight. What does that mean for you, the listener? Not much! You'll still get the same great show, week after week, weather update after weather update. This week Bryan, Cliff, and Jeremy (who is FINALLY back this week!) talk about some news, including the Destiny 2 and Life is Strange 2 announcements. Then it's on to video games, and-you know what, I'll just let you be surprised when you get there. Enjoy the episode everyone.